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Influence and improve the situation of doctoral candidates


Would you like to be involved in influencing and improving the situation of doctoral candidates? SULF is looking for people to participate in a focus group on doctoral candidates’ individual study plans. This work will start at the beginning of February 2023 and is to be completed by 1 October.

It will take the form of about five half-day meetings, with some work between meetings.

SULF will cover all travel costs for those who attend the focus group meetings.

Composition of the focus group

The focus group will consist of six or seven people. At least half of the participants will be doctoral candidates, but we would also like to include supervisors in the group.

In order to achieve a good balance in the focus group, we would like to cover several different disciplines and types of doctoral employment. We therefore ask you to indicate your discipline/subject area and what type of doctoral employment you have in your application.


Oral communication in the focus group may take place in both Swedish and English. However, it is good if participants in the group can read Swedish, as that will be the language of the final report.


If you are interested in joining the focus group, please send your application to Catrine Folcker, cfo@sulf.se, no later than 16 December.

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