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Free insurance consultation offer from Folksam


We are currently living through a time when the safety and security of you and your loved ones is more important than ever. As a trade union member, you have access to excellent insurance products and benefits developed in collaboration with us here at Folksam.
We can assist you in reviewing your insurance coverage. Have a chat with our expert advisors at a time and location that suits you. Book an appointment for a personal consultation via mobile or computer.

Keep a check on your member insurance policies

Your security needs change over time. Therefore it’s a good idea to review your insurance coverage at regular intervals, to ensure it’s appropriate for your current situation.

  • Are you properly insured? We will ensure that you have the protection you need.
  • Would you cope financially if something were to happen? We can help.
  • You may already have had a problem for which your member insurance can provide compensation. Let us check if this applies to you!

Here's how to book a consultation using your smartphone or computer:

  1. Link: scan the QR code to book an appointment.Scan the QR code to book an appointment.
  2. When it is time for your meeting, the consultant will contact you.
  3. You and the consultant will then be able to see and hear each other. Enjoy your meeting!
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