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Doctoral candidate/doctoral studies

What happens if you don't finish in time?

Sometimes, a doctoral candidate is not able to finish their thesis and/or conduct the public defence of their thesis before their doctoral candidate employment ends. In certain cases, the higher education institution has the right to extend employment, but in other cases, the doctoral candidate must choose between ending or interrupting the work on their thesis or continuing their studies without being employed.

The support that SULF can give you if you continue to work on your thesis after your doctoral candidate employment has expired is very limited.

Are doctoral candidates entitled to unemployment benefit?

As a doctoral candidate, you are considered a student by the Akademikernas a-kassa unemployment insurance fund as long as you are enrolled on the doctorate programme. You can only be considered unemployed and entitled to compensation from Akademikernas a-kassa when your doctoral studies have been completed or have permanently ended.

The Akademikernas a-kassa unemployment insurance fund regards your doctoral studies as completed as soon as you have submitted your thesis for printing and only your public defence remains. In some cases, Akademikernas a-kassa may regard a doctoral candidate’s studies as completed even if the thesis has not yet been submitted for printing, for example if only editing work remains and all the courses have been completed.

Contact the Akademikernas a-kassa unemployment insurance fund to find out what their position is regarding your particular situation.

In cases where a doctoral student's employment ends before the thesis is sufficiently ready to be printed, they are not entitled to compensation from Akademikernas a-kassa.

Akademikernas a-kassa has compiled information for doctoral candidates here.