A technical mishap between SULF and Folksam has resulted in a number of members being wrongly informed that their membership in SULF has ended and thus the insurance has ended. It is only those who themselves ended their SULF membership where this applies. More information here.

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Increase your influence!

The conditions in your workplace have a great effect on you, but you can have a great effect on your everyday work situation. As a member of SULF, there many ways to get involved and actively influence the issues that are most important where you work.

SULF helps and supports its members in matters such as salaries and employment conditions, work environment, gender equality and how work is organised. At most universities and colleges, there are committed SULF members who are striving to improve your everyday working life. And you can also get involved. For example, you can participate in an activity organised by SULF at your workplace, attend a trade union meeting or spread information about SULF at your department.

You can also get involved by becoming an elected union representative. As an elected representative, you can have even greater influence on the union’s activities. All SULF members can get involved in the work of the SULF association at their workplace.

SULF’s local associations are the part of the union that is closest to the members and that can be seen and heard in their everyday lives. The members guide the activities of the local association by electing the local board at the annual meeting and making decisions on proposals for the activity plan. But the local board can also create opportunities for influence and dialogue outside the annual meeting, through members’ meetings and discussions in the workplace.

Are you curious about how you can help to improve everyday working life for yourself and your colleagues? Contact your local SULF association.