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SLU: Annual member meeting

All members in SULF at SLU are hereby invited to the annual member meeting April 18th at 12.00.

The agenda is found below and the meeting is digital via Zoom. Register in the form below and after registration you will receive a link to the meeting.


/The board for SULF/SLU


  1. 1. Confirmation that the meeting was called in accordance with the statutes.
    2. Election of a chair for the meeting, a secretary for the meeting and two people to act as signatories of the minutes and vote counters.
    3. Approval of the agenda.
    4. Activity report.
    5. Approval of the activity plan for the coming year.
    5a. Approval of the new statutes
    6.Election of
    a) the chair of the local association,
    b) board members,
    c) deputy board members, (ranked by order),
    d) the nomination committee.
    7. Election of representatives to the local Saco-S association (if applicable).
    8. Election of the local association's delegate(s) and deputy delegates to the SULF Doctoral Candidate Association's annual meeting.
    9. Every third year, election of the local association's delegate(s) and deputy delegates to the SULF Congress.
    10. Proposals and other matters that the local association board has included in the notice of meeting or that the meeting decides unanimously to raise.
    11. Motions from members.

    Annual meetings and extraordinary general meetings may delegate the right to decide on certain matters or groups of matter to the local association board, with the exception of amendments to the statutes and election of the chair, board members or deputy board members.

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