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SULFinar: Should I stay or should I go?

Which are the most common occupations for PhD:s and is a career outside academia possible? Karin Åmossa, PhD, Head of Research and International Affairs at SULF gives a personal perspective on career paths for PhD:s.

SULFinar: Income insurance

What is income insurance and does it really make a difference? How do I apply and how much can I …

SULFinar together with Akademikernas a-kassa

Help, what if I get unemployed?!? What do I need to do and when? Are trade unions and unemployment insurance …

SULFinar: Employment or scholarships – what’s the difference?

What difference does it make if you have a stipend or if you are employed during your time as PhD …

SULFinar: Vacation and recuperation

Which rules apply when it comes to vacations and PhD candidates? Do you have the same rights to a vacation …

SULFinar: What if I become unemployed?

What do I need to do and when? What is the work requirement when applying for a-kassa and how do …

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