A technical mishap between SULF and Folksam has resulted in a number of members being wrongly informed that their membership in SULF has ended and thus the insurance has ended. It is only those who themselves ended their SULF membership where this applies. More information here.

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Do you still have annual holiday leave left?


If you have annual holiday leave days left when your employment is about to end, you can take them during the period you are still employed by the employer. If you cannot take the time off during the remainder of your employment, any outstanding days must be paid out as supplementary holiday pay. Annual holiday leave days cannot be lost, and the employer does not have the right to allocate your annual holiday leave to specific days without your consent.

If your employer tries to force you to take holiday leave retroactively or when you are actually working, contact your local Saco-S association or academics’ association for help and advice.

Further information

You can read more about the rules regarding untaken annual leave at the end of your employment here.  

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