A technical mishap between SULF and Folksam has resulted in a number of members being wrongly informed that their membership in SULF has ended and thus the insurance has ended. It is only those who themselves ended their SULF membership where this applies. More information here.

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How will Sweden ensure it has enough doctoral graduates?


Fewer and fewer Swedish students are choosing to study for a doctorate, and many foreign doctoral candidates in Sweden leave the country as soon as they have qualified. Does this impact Sweden's ability to continue to be a leading innovation and knowledge nation? That was the theme of a seminar on Monday 2 April organised by SNS, the Centre for Business and Policy Studies. SNS is an independent, non-profit organisation that brings together the worlds of academia, business and government for knowledge-sharing and dialogue on key societal issues.

The President of SULF, Sanna Wolk, was one of the seminar panellists. Among the issues she highlighted were the negative effects of the Migration Act and employment conditions for doctoral candidates. In connection with the seminar, Sanna Wolk was interviewed by Radio Sweden. You can listen to the interview here.

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