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On 22 June, the Swedish parliament approved amendments to the Aliens Act. These came into force on 20 July. For researchers and doctoral candidates, the change in the law primarily means that sufficient means of financial support through work or an own company is required for a permanent residence permit to be granted. The requirement applies to all applicants who did not receive their decision before 20 July.

In this webinar Robert Andersson, chief negotiator at SULF, talks about the changes to the Aliens Act:

  • How do the new rules for permanent residence permits affect me as a doctoral candidate or resaercher?
  • How do the new rules affect my family members?
  • Can I still stay in Sweden if I am not granted a permanent residence permit?
  • How should I navigate regarding the new regulations?

More information

To questions and answers about permanent residence permit.

International doctoral students and other researchers in Swedish higher education institutes, Sveriges universitetslärare och forskare (SULF), Fackförbundet ST and Sveriges Förenade studentkårer-Doktorandkommitén (SFS-DK) has started a petion.  Sign the petition Change the legal grounds of Permanent Residency for doctoral students and other researchers in Sweden here.

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