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Working hours

Annual working hours

Teachers in higher education in Sweden have annual working hours. Annual working hours are often used as the basis for working time when working hours vary according to the time of year. Your annual working hours can be found in your local working time agreement.
Appendix 5, Section 3 of Villkorsavtal-T (terms and conditions agreement) sets the framework for annual working hours.

The total annual working hours for teachers are:
1,700 hours for employees with 35 days of annual holiday leave.
1,732 hours for employees with 31 days of annual holiday leave.
1,756 hours for employees with 28 days of annual holiday leave.
Annual working hours are calculated on the basis of Chapter 4, Sections 6-7 of Villkorsavtal-T.

Further information

The full text of Villkorsavtal-T can be found on the Swedish Agency for Government Employers’ website (in Swedish).

You can find the local working time agreements that we have access to here. Search for arbetstidsavtal, working time agreements (in Swedish).