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Collective bargaining in the state sector has started


The parties to the collective agreement have submitted their demands ahead of the autumn negotiations, which according to the current schedule are to be completed by 30 November. Saco-S, which includes SULF, will particularly focus on issues concerning sustainable working life, as a result of our members’ experiences of work environment issues and other factors that have been highlighted during the pandemic and the development of digital working methods that has come with it.

“We also want to discuss how we can contribute to sustainable development in society as a whole,” says Robert Andersson, chief negotiator at SULF. “Within this framework of, our demands cover everything from collaboration with employers on such issues to improved insurance cover and better pensions. Two issues that are closely linked to the conditions at our higher education institutions are our demand for an increased proportion of permanent employment and our demand to conduct a review of the postdoctoral agreement.”

You can find out more about the negotiations at Arbetsgivarverkets webbplats (in Swedish).

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