A technical mishap between SULF and Folksam has resulted in a number of members being wrongly informed that their membership in SULF has ended and thus the insurance has ended. It is only those who themselves ended their SULF membership where this applies. More information here.

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Information about incorrect salary deductions


Saco-S has noted that certain salary systems used by state employers, including those employers who manage their payroll through the National Service Centre, have been incorrectly programmed so that salary deductions are too great in certain circumstances.

Who may be affected by the error?
The error affects anyone who has a fixed salary deduction and an additional short-term absence from work for which an additional salary deduction is made.

You may have a fixed salary deduction if, for example, you have an individual agreement with your employer to forfeit a proportion of your salary to make supplementary pension contributions or if you have a salary deduction for an absence of at least an entire calendar month, for example if you are on parental leave or off sick for a whole calendar month or more. In practice, this problem concerns people who have such absence on a part-time basis, because people who are on full time leave of absence cannot have additional absence.

Examples of additional salary deductions that may cause this error are short-term sick leave, leave to care for sick children (VAB) or short periods of parental leave of less than an entire calendar month.

How can I see if I have an incorrect salary deduction?
You may discover an error if you check your pay slip for a month when one of the situations described above occurred. The error is that the salary deduction for the additional absence in that case was made from your monthly salary before the fixed salary deduction (your fixed salary) instead of from the salary that remains after the fixed salary deduction (current salary) has been made, which is stipulated in the collective agreement.

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To Saco-S and more information about incorrect salary deductions (in Swedish).

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