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What applies for registration in the population register when you arrive in Sweden?

You should register in Sweden if you are expecting to stay in the country for at least one year. There is no requirement that you have to be employed to be registered in the population register. For individuals moving within the European Community, case-by-case assessments will be made as to in which country’s social insurance system you belong to. This may, in turn, affect your right to entry into the population register. Being registered means, among other things, that you receive a full personal registration number. If you are registered you also have the right to medical care at the same patient fees as Swedish citizens living in Sweden pay.

Application for registration

The application for registration in the population register is made to the Tax Agency. SULF recommends applying for registration during your first week in Sweden, so you can count your residency period from the date you arrived in Sweden.

Several SULF members have had their application for registration refused because their residence permit was for less than one year. SULF has taken a number of cases in court, and it has been established now that registration of doctoral candidates and accompanying family members will occur even if the current residence permit has not been granted for at least one year. This is because the doctoral candidate’s stay is considered more long-term. The Tax Agency did not change its opinion on this issue for a long period of time, despite these judgments. However, in June 2017, the Supreme Administrative Court ruled that the Tax Agency may not require the residence permit to have a certain length. As long as you have a residence permit and you can show that you intend to stay for at least one year in Sweden, this will suffice to be registered in the country. SULF helped the person concerned in this judgment throughout the entire process.

Members of SULF can get individual advice on these issues. We can refer you to judgments if there are grounds for appeal. Please read more on the Facts pages to find out what applies to you.