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Termination of employment
Termination of employment

Period of notice – when you wish to resign

The period of notice, both if you wish to resign or if the employer wishes to terminate your employment, is regulated by law and collective agreement. The Employment Protection Act (LAS) provides a basic framework which is improved by collective agreements for state employees.

If you wish to terminate your employment, for example, to take a new exciting job, there is a shorter notice period than if the employer wishes to terminate your employment. If you are a state employee, Villkorsavtal-T Chapter 14, Section 2 specified how long your notice period will be.

Period of employment Period of notice
Max 1 year employment 1 month
More than 1 year employment 2 months

Your employment period refers to the period of time you have consecutively held one or more state sector jobs.

Shorter notice period
If the employer consents, it is possible to agree that you end your employment using a shorter notice than that stated above.

Pressure to resign?
Sometimes the employer, more or less strongly, suggests that you resign. In such cases, we recommend immediate contact with your local Saco-S representative at your university or the SULF helpline. Always seek more information and consider your options before you resign as resignation may have an impact on your ability to obtain unemployment benefits or be covered by the Transition Agreement or income insurance.