Postdok/working abroad

It is especially important that you check your insurance cover prior to working abroad.

If your university has a contract with Kammarkollegiet, you may obtain insurance through them. This applies even if you are no longer employed at the university. Your accompanying family members may also utilize this insurance.

There is also an insurance company in Denmark, International Health Insurance, which specializes in insurance for people staying longer or shorter periods abroad. Read more at

It may also be a good idea to speak to the university or the equivalent where you will be conducting your research to see if they are able to help with your, and your family’s, insurance cover. This is often the best insurance option.

As a member of SULF you are granted a discount on the membership fee of an association called Svenskar i världen which provides support and advice for those who plan to work or study abroad. Read more at

If you are a  postdoc on a scholarship, there is overseas student insurance provided by Trygg-Hansa.

As a member of SULF you access extremely competitive insurance services in Folksam for you and all your family. You can take out life, accident and health insurance as well insure children, pregnancy and take out senior insurance at membership prices. Read more here.

Further information

New regulations on overseas postings and service abroad, the URA agreement.

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