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Union services abroad

For SULF members working abroad for a maximum of two years it is possible to become a guest member of one of SULF’s affiliate unions in Canada, Ireland, Great Britain, Finland, Norway or Denmark. As guest member you are entitled to advice and support concerning employment agreements, salaries and other union issues.

SULF has concluded agreements concerning guest membership with university teaching unions/associations in Canada, Ireland, Great Britain, Finland, Norway and Denmark. These agreements state that a SULF member who is working for a period at, for example, a Norwegian university may contact their representatives to obtain advice or support concerning issues regarding employment contracts, salary and other benefits, working conditions and other similar union matters. Members receive the status of Guest Member (in Ireland and Great Britain Affiliate Member).

One precondition for guest membership is that the individual remains as a member of SULF during this period.

The period as guest member may last a maximum of two years, after this you must apply for full membership of the organisation. During your period abroad, no additional membership fee is required, normal fees are continued in the home country.

Application for guest membership

In order to become a guest member during your stay abroad it is necessary for SULF to notify the relevant affiliate union in advance. Contact  for more information and then apply for guest membership in the affiliate union. Consequently you must apply for guest membership before leaving. Applications via e-mail available in right hand margin.

Guest membership agreements available with following organizations

Dansk Magisterforening (DM), Denmark
Forskerforbundet, Norway
Forskarförbundet (Tieteentekijöiden liito), Finland
The University and College Union (UCU), United Kingdom
Irish Federation of University Teachers (IFUT), Ireland
Canadian Association of University Teachers (CAUT), Canada

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