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Postdok/working abroad

Posted abroad

Being posted means you are sent by your employer to another country to perform work for them. If your position is at a Swedish state university you are covered by Swedish social insurance in the same way as when you are in Sweden, regardless of which country you are posted to.

If you are employed at Chalmers or Jönköping University, the same applies within the EU/EEA. If  you are employed by a private institution, other rules apply which are unfortunately less favourable.

Within government operations the collective agreement  entitled Agreement on overseas contracts and guidelines for employment abroad  (URA) provides a framework for the employment conditions which must or may be regulated when working abroad.

While posted abroad, you are not fully covered by the  Villkorsavtal-T collective agreement. Instead  employment will be governed by a written contract concerning your position, an overseas contract.

Your overseas contracts should state:

  • Your work assignment
  • Where you will be stationed abroad
  • Contract period
  • Salary and dates for salary review
  • Other conditions of employment such as pay, working hours, holidays and other leave, salary during sick leave, pension, insurance policies and also benefits for the cost of housing, relocation and home country travel.