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Webinar: Regulations regarding long-term resident status

In this webinar, together with Akademikernas a-kassa, we will provide you with information on the latest developments in how regulations regarding long-term resident status are being applied. We will also answer general questions.

  • What is SULF doing to persuade politicians to change the regulations?
  • What does the Swedish Migration Agency’s request for a pause in the processing of delayed work and residence permit cases mean for requests for delayed cases to be resolved after six months have passed?
  • How can my employer help?
  • What requirements do I need to fulfil to qualify for unemployment benefit in different situations? What certificates or documentation can I get regarding my eligibility for compensation if I become unemployed? This involves the Akademikernas a-kassa unemployment insurance fund.
  • How does the SULF income insurance work? What support can I get from the Job Security Foundation (Trygghetsstiftelsen) to help me find a new job?

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