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Work environment is everything that affects us in the workplace. All employees have the right to a good working environment. 

This means that everyone should be able to look forward to going to work every day. It should feel good to be able to contribute to the activities of your employer with your own competence, provide support for colleagues and help to develop others as well as yourself. Read more here.

Tools specially adapted to work conditions in the higher education sector

Many SULF members use a variety of digital tools in their work. These can improve quality and efficiency, but they can also cause more stress. How is your digital work environment? SULF has developed three tools that are specially adapted to work conditions in the higher education sector:
1. IT health & safety inspection
2. IT availability and suggested guidelines 
3. Routines/checklist for digital tools (for use prior to changes or the introduction of new tools).

Test the tools!

Questions about work environment?

We have assembled some frequently asked questions about work environment here.

Work related questions about the corona virus? 
Read more here. 


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