If you are working abroad without being employed with financing in the form of a scholarship, contact AEA to determine if your work abroad may be considered as a period that can be disregarded as studies. If so, you will continue to be a member of AEA during your stay abroad. The most common form of this type of work abroad is postdoctoral scholarship funding.

The prerequisites for a period abroad on a scholarship being disregarded are:

  • you conduct postdoctoral activities full-time (only full-time studies may be disregarded in unemployment insurance)
  • that studies are completed or permanently interrupted when applying for unemployment benefits.
  • additional requirements may be that activities in this period follow a plan and that there is some supervision.

Note that AEA always assesses each case individually so it is important that you contact them for advice

Marie Curie Scholarships
Anyone who has a Marie Curie scholarship may, in some respects, be regarded as an employee in the country in which they are studying. The recipient of a Marie Curie scholarship must belong to the relevant country’s unemployment insurance and not the AEA. Before requesting withdrawal from AEA, ensure that you are covered by unemployment insurance in your host country. Always contact AEA for further guidance. saves data in Cookies on your computer to enhance the user experience. By continuing browsing this webpage you accept this.